TLSFx - M11 Multi-Burst Flashbang (Gen3)


$ 405.00 $ 430.00

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Made in UK
Manufactured by TLSFx

Each Order is per Case of:  27* Grenades

Very Limited Supply!

Top of the line Scenario / Training Device.
As close as it gets to the real thing, with a lower price tag.
Suitable for Airsoft & Paintball Scenarios.

Need Grenades for your next event?
Ready to be drop shipped!

Method of Activation: Authentic fly-off lever
Real Action "Pull the Pin, Release the Lever"
Delay: ~3 Seconds

Dimension: 3in
Weather Resistant Cardboard
Shell Color:  Black (May Vary)

Fragmentation: Thermobaric Flash Bang
Fill:  1st Burst within 3 seconds, Followed by 2 Consecutive Report
Blast Radius: 15Ft Bright Flash & Report
Noise Level: ~120 dbs
OEM Packaging

Always use proper protection.