Digicon Thompson Contender


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Thompson Contender

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Thompson Contender - 8in or 14inch

  • Full Metal Black Frame

  • Metal Front Sight

  • Metal Adjustable Rear Sight

  • ABS Imitation Wood

Chronograph Test with Green Gas

  • 20g 525 FPS

  • .25g 491 FPS

  • Working Gas Blow-Back Airsoft

  • Green or Red Gas

Include (6) BB Shell Cartridges

  • (3) Single Shot Shell

  • (3) Six-Round Shotgun Shell

Single Shot Shell with 6-Round Ammo Belt.

Multiple 6mm BBs up to 0.43g may be inserted into a shell

Target Also Known to Shoot Steel 6mm Dart Rounds. (best not at living things)

Must be 18yrs or older to purchase this time non red tip & can shoot over 500+ FPS